Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, just north of Oklahoma City, Webdexterous is a web design and development agency serving businesses and individuals locally and worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Travis Langley

Account Director, Creative Strategist, Designer

Founder of Webdexterous, Travis began his career as a web designer creating websites for his own online business ventures. Before long, word-of-mouth advertising launched his sideline efforts into a full-time web design business. Formerly a civilian electronics engineer with the United States Air Force, Travis does not let his inner math geek overrule his artistic side; he is part of a unique class of individuals who actually use their entire brain. Travis is a people-pleaser who enjoys helping others and hates conflict. And believe us, as the father of two teenage girls, he knows a thing or two about conflict.

Lyle Campbell

Systems Specialist, Customer Support Liaison

As a former physics professor, electrical engineer, and computer network engineer, Lyle is Webdextrous’s resident left-brain thinker; in other words, he is the geekiest geek on our team. A self-described spreadsheet junkie, Lyle has more than sixteen years’ experience as a computer network engineer for the United States Air Force and Oklahoma Christian University. He designed, implemented, and supported the campus-wide wired and wireless network for Oklahoma Christian, a network serving more than 2,500 users on more than 5,000 devices. Not your typical, exasperated IT guy, Lyle is committed to service, an attribute demonstrated by his volunteer efforts including Habitat for Humanity, global missions, and the Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Nicci Francis

Copywriter, Content Developer, Social Media Manager

If Travis uses his whole brain and Lyle uses his left brain, Nicci balances the team’s brain function as the right-brained creative writer forced to spend her days with people who actually enjoy discussing such banalities as “math” and “numbers.” A born communicator, Nicci began her career as a high school English teacher until immersion in the grammatical atrocities of teenagers began to hurt her soul. She began freelancing as a copywriter for a variety of clients while launching a new career as a library media specialist. As a librarian, she honed the research skills necessary for adapting web content to meet the specific needs of each client and its customer base. She believes in the readability of web content and is committed to creating relevant professional text that engages the customer.