Welcome to Webdexterous
Nicci Francis | Monday, September 10, 2012

Why is it that the famous movie introductions are so creepy?  From Jack Nicholson’s “Heeere’s Johnny!” as Jack Torrance in The Shining to Heather O’Rourke’s “They’re heeere!” as Carol Anne Freeling in Poltergeist.  Apparently, all memorable introductions should drag out the “here” into as many syllables as possible. 

Not to scare you or anything, but Webdexterous is heeeere!

Actually, we have been around for a while.  Instead of introducing ourselves as new on the scene, it is more like we got a makeover.  Like the valedictorian took off her glasses, shook down her hair, and let you know that she is the total package.  That's Webdexterous--big brains, good looks, and personality to boot.

What is Webdexterous?

Webdexterous is a full-service web design and development firm located in Edmond, Oklahoma, and serving customers locally and worldwide.  Our existing customers have known us as the web design division of Travis Langley & Associates.  In order to distinguish our web design and development branch from our other business ventures, we have rebranded it as Webdexterous--giving it a new name, a new logo, and additional staff.

For our existing customers, a lot remains the same.  You will still have direct access to the business owner, Travis.  You will still enjoy quick, responsive customer service.  However, with our rebranding efforts and the addition of specialized staff, we are able to offer more services and even faster response.  Webdexterous will let us continue to exceed your expectations while allowing our business the opportunity to grow.

Who we are.

You know that smokin' hot brainy girl we were discussing earlier?  We are a lot like that.  Our leadership team offers everything you want in a web development group:

  • Good looks.  
    Our website designs are creative, fresh, and professional.  Eye-catching websites attract new customers while holding and engaging existing customers.  Your website is your business's online presence.  You don't want your office or storefront to look rundown and shady, and you need a website that is welcoming and inviting as well.
  • Serious smarts. 
    With more than a decade of experience in web design, developing, hosting, and maintenance, the Webdexterous team has the expertise to keep your website running smoothly.  We continually research to stay abreast of online business trends to offer you the best in local search engine optimization strategies, content management, social media management, website maintenance, and more.  If you encounter a problem, you can count on us to fix it quickly and fix it right.
  • Magnetic personality. 
    We are the Miss Congeniality of the web development world.  We strive to deliver top quality web designs, content, and customer service, and it is our mission to never provide a customer with a product that we, ourselves, would not love.  We also know the importance of being able to communicate with your own clients in an effective, engaging manner.  We can help you manage your social media and blogging efforts to connect with your customers on a personal level.

In the coming weeks, we will introduce you to the leadership team that makes it possible to bring these qualities together and deliver them to you.

Who we are not.

A lot of people picture technology experts, graphic designers, and web developers as pasty, overweight, middle aged men living in their mothers' basements, cranking out web designs between rounds of online role playing games.  These reclusive designers are much like Boo Radley--you have never seen them, but you know they are there.  No matter how badly you need their help, they only make an appearance in the direst emergencies.

That is not us.

The Webdexterous team prides itself on being available to you, whether your website needs a minor tweak or a major update.  We can show you how to maintain and manage your website so that you retain total control, or you can trust us take the wheel so you can focus on other aspects of your business.  Our level of involvement is up to you, but we are always here to help.

We will not talk down to you, acting as if you do not understand website basics.  On the other hand, we are not going to bombard you with a bunch of jargon and acronyms--SEO, HTML, CMS, CSS, SQL--without making sure you know exactly what we mean and how it affects your business.

What Webdexterous can do for you:

Now that you know who we are, you may be wondering how Webdexterous can help your business.  We go beyond web design to offer comprehensive web development services:

  • Custom website design
  • Customizable commercial CMS
  • Mobile ready websites
  • Local SEO
  • Logo design
  • Corporate branding
  • Content development
  • Social media management
  • Ghost blogging
  • and more.

Travis Langley, owner of Webdexterous, says:

"My goal has always been to give the customer more than he or she expects—to under-promise and over-deliver.  This includes responding quickly to requests and keeping the customer in the loop throughout the entire process.  I try never to give the customer anything I would not be happy to have myself."

Creating Webdexterous is our way of continuing and improving this mission.